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16 и 17 марта Cambridge MBA в Москве
Cambridge MBA в Москве 16 и 17 марта. Если кому-то интересно, пишите - уточню детали.
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Очень интересно!!!

вот ответ от координатора приёмной комиссии :
There are two things going to happen.

1) A small dinner for admits and alumni, to which good candidates could also come. I would need their CV in advance sent to me and it would be to a strict limit of capacity

2) We are participating in MBA Strategy’s event which is a series of 1-2-1 meetings. They can register at www.mbastrategy.ru and request a meeting with me

Так что, если интересно, присылайте CV.
Адрес - jb614 at cam.ac.uk на имя James Barker

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